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Image by Marek Piwnicki


Feminité is a museum concept as well as a civil society project : Feminité wants to give a space to the special view sof women at St.Pauli and beyond. A place for art, for history(s), for discussions, inspiration and education.


With the FEMINITÉ Museum, we want to mirror and display a changing world view and give perspectives, forms of perception and artistic expressions of femininities a larger platform.

The FEMINITÉ Museum is being created with and for the people of St.Pauli; but it is intended to have an impact far beyond.


We are an intersectional team. We also take an intersectional approach in the selection of the honorary and professional staff who will help shape the work of Feminité, such as curators and artists. 

Our experience in this field is our strength and the more diverse our experience, the stronger the museum. 

We see diversity as a resource.

To this end we are planning:


the exhibition

"18 Femininities -

18 Decades."

St.Pauli from a female perspective from

1850 -2021"


the exhibition

"In search of

St. Pauli


Create a digitally accessible and

ever-growing archive.

Hold academic symposia and conferences.

Link and collaborate

with other research and museum sites around

the themes of "femininities" and "St.Pauli" local existing

networks and institutions. 

Feel free to contact us!

Offer workshops and trainings on diversity and intersectional feminism for schools, companies, and institutions.

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