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We see the Feminité Museum as a source of inspiration for St. Pauli and beyond. We want to offer various educational opportunities to enable people in the neighborhood to broaden their perspectives and gain new insights.


We will create a digitally accessible and constantly growing archive in which the history(s) of femininity on St.Pauli will be collected and recorded. 


With workshops and trainings on diversity and intersectional feminism for schools, companies, and institutions, we want to share modern perspectives on society, transformation, and community with the most diverse people in the most diverse contexts.


We see Feminité as a living scientific space. Through symposia and conferences, new knowledge is generated, current discussions and research results are made accessible and researched further. We stand for ‘science for all’ and want to make these insights accessible to the people in the neighborhood. Because all knowledge is valuable, and everyone has the right to help shape current debates.


We want to link up with other research centres and museums who are working on the topics of "femininities" and "St.Pauli" and local existing networks and institutions and strive for cooperation. Please feel free to contact us!


Diversity Workshop for Children

Diversity Kids pur - 34.jpg
Diversity Kids pur - 73.jpg
Diversity Kids pur - 17.jpg
Diversity Kids pur - 89.jpg

Didine van der Platenvlotburg and Ana Amil presented our first Diversity Workshop in a primary school in St. Pauli.  17 students radier both with all the possible questions about   diversity, gender diversity and genders. 

You can see the power of the workshop from the photos of the kids!


The Kids are alright!

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