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Image by Sharon McCutcheon


We are: women, trans, cis, drag, tunte, non-binary, BDSM, bisexual, pansexual, migrant, femme, butch, femdom, hetera, body positive, carry experiences of violence within us. And we are so much more. We share the experience of living in political systems where our ways and being are threatened. We are aware of our privileges. We are society-affirming and/or society-changing.

Our practices are: Feminine, collectivist (each rooted in herself, but better together), in solidarity with our diversities. We want to feel and think other needs - empathy, togetherness are important to us. We stand for acceptance, not tolerance. Our experiences make us a colorful think tank.


We are an intersectional team. We understand diversity as a resource.


We have decided to use gender-appropriate language (gendering) in German texts with the : (colon) to enable reading devices for visually impaired people to read out the gender gap.


We gender! This means that we stand for gender-equitable and inclusive language in German.


Exhibition texts and essential homepage texts will also appear in simple language.


We also try to make exhibition texts, publications, and essential homepage texts accessible in other languages such as Spanish, Turkish, Polish and English.


We try to take accessibility criteria into account as far as possible when choosing the premises for exhibitions and the museum.


We are a part of St. Pauli, so our museum should be accessible to all: Migrants, precarious people, workers, people with disabilities, people with refugee experiences, artists, students,  all genders. 


We are intersectional because St. Pauli is intersectional.




Artistic Director & Board of Directors


Agent Provocatöse

She is a convinced collectivist and notorious doer. She is driven by the desire to co-create and experience a life that is  beautiful, sustainable, diverse, just and solidary for all. She sees it as her vocation to strengthen the individual and collective self-confidence and agency of people who read themselves as female in society. 



Scientific Director



She is a native border crosser. She explores national borders, the borders between different forms of desire, gender and fiction and science. Daria sees society as a colorful flower meadow, and wishes that every single flower gets the nurturing ground to blossom in its very own way. She sees this concept of diversity as a continuous learning process for all. At Feminité, she wants to give this diversity a history and a present, to make our society blossom through education and counselling. 

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PR & Board of Directors

Drag Activist

She has lived in St.Pauli for over 25 years. As a Tunte and drag queen, she has been an activist and performer, embellishing the district with her femininity, actions and commitment, aims to be inspiring and being inspired. She is an entrepreneur and runs several companies. 

In the Feminité museum she sees herself as an activist and wants to empower people. As a curious being, she wants to learn from many other people and grow from diversity. 



Creative Director & Media Responsible

Visual Story Teller


She was born in Turkey and after living in many different cities, she moved to St. Pauli 7 years ago. She is a passionate photographer and marbling art master (Ebruzen) . She is the founder of Kreativkeller St. Pauli, where she teaches a diverse techniques and types of art to children and women. She is studying web design and digital media management. She writes art articles to many different art magazines in Turkey. Her aim is to become a cultural bridge through her knowledge and multi cultural experiences between two continents, Europe and Asia. 




Exhibition Researcher

She is a freelance historian for 20 years and offers guidance for museums and city tours. She studied history and philosophy in Hamburg, Tübingen and Edinburg.

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